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Oil and Gas, Mining and Bioenergy
. Michelet Montina
President & CEO

Certified Trade Specialist

Member of Manufacturer’s Agents National Association (MANA)

Skype: michelet9

Email: mmontina@global-trade-marketing.com


Water, Sanitation, and Construction
Engr. Vladimir François
Skype: Vladimir.françois

Email: fvladimir@global-trade-marketing.com


Tourism, Transportation and Environment
Dr. Yolanda Jiménez Ruiz

Skype: yolandajr73
Email: yjruiz@global-trade-marketing.com


Communication, Marketing, and Sales
Mr. Joseph Joel
Business Development Manager

Skype: josephjoel09

Email: jjoel@global-trade-marketing.com


Technology, Agribusiness and Food Safety
Mr. Philippe Montina
Project Coordinator

Skype: philippe06
Email: pmontina@global-trade-marketing.com

Global Trade & Marketing, S. A. is a highly diversified importation and exportation company. We have integrated several divisions engaged in the export of a wide range of products and services to the International World trade.

Family owned and operated, we specialize in exporting food commodities and all kinds of products. With many years of exporting experience, we are well qualified to serve your company's needs.

Petionville Head Office
78, Rue Germain Morne Hercule
P.O. Box 15918
Petionville, Haiti (HT6140)
Tel.: +509-361-4200
Cell: +509-34092274
eFax: (1)+509-696-5562

Madrid Head Office
C/ Chavarri 2, 1º B
28560 Madrid (Spain)
Phone: +34 918723220 Fax: +34 917693049
Cell: +34 690278306








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