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We are committed to offering project development expertise and equipment to meet our customers needs and include:



a1- rice milling and polishing

a2- complete flour mill

a3- complete biscuit plant

a4- candy, chocolate and jelly machinery

a5- juice and drink plant

a6- corn and cassava starch plant

a7- mineral water bottling plant

a8- instant noodles plant

a9- liquid glucose plant for food industry

a10- complete chocolate plant

a11- oil extraction and refining plant

a12- animal feed and fish meal plant



b1- plastic pipe extrusion line

b2- plastic sheet (board) extrusion line

b3- plastic bag-making line

b4- plastic bottle blowing machines

b5- plastic injection molding machines

b6- packing tape (band) line with PET bottles

b7- fruit foam net extrusion line

b8- PE net extrusion line

b9- PVC soft sheet extrusion line

b10- PVC window and door extrusion line

b11- Plastic film blowing line

b12- PP woven bag line for rice, cement

b13- plastic cup making line

b14- plastic recycle machines

b15- Self-adhesive tape making line

b16- plastic barrel (20-2000 L) molding machine

b17- medical disposable syringes plant

b18- PE foam sheet extrusion line

b19- PE bubble sheet production line

b20- PVC medical glove plant

b21- car/furniture foam seat injection machine

b22- PVC flex banner line

b23- plastic flower pot machinery

b24- nylon cable pipe tie machine

b25- PVC EVA water stopper seals line

b26- window rubber seals production line



c1- Toilet and Laundry Soap Plant

c2- Corrugated Paper-box Line

c3- Shoe-making plant

c4- paper cup machines

c5- printing machine, cutting machine

c6- ice-making & cold storage

c7- egg tray molding machine

c8- toothpaste plant

c9- Aluminum foil container machine

c10- flakes ice machine

c11- prefab cold store

c12- car battery (Lead acid) plant

c13- LED lights and assembly line

c14- Aluminum lunch box production line

c15- glass bottle/ampoule plant



d1- steel bar plant with scraps

d2- steel pipe forming line

d3- steel section purling (Z, C) forming machine

d4- roof profile corrugation with cut to length

d5- red clay brick plant

d6- oxygen and acetylene plant

d7- gypsum board plant

d8- dry ct/pt for substation

d9- active carbon plant

d10- Aluminum sheet casting and rolling line

d11- steel barrel/tin/can making machines

d12- used type recycle plant

d13- engine or lubricant oil recycle plant

d14- WHR (waste heat recovery) for cement, steel, coke

d15- wood pellets plant

d16- plywood complete plant

d17- flux core welding wire production

d18- Glass windshield machinery

d19- terrazzo artificial marble floor tile plant

d20- GRP pipe, poles, tanks machinery

d21- lead free welding line



e1- Aluminum Sulphate plant (flocculant) plant

e2- complete aniline plant

e3- Teal plant Ni, Co (petro-chemical catalyst)

e4- calcium phosphate plant

e5- Cellulose Acetate, CA plant

e6- fertilizer potassium sulphate plant

e7- polyvinyl alcohol from polyvinyl acetate

e8- N-Methylaniline plant

e9- Sodium Metasilicate Pentahydrate

e10- caustic soda sodium chlorate plant

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